Rhino Mabati Factory Limited is Kenyan pioneer Manufacturer of Custom Made Luxury coloured Roofing Mabati .Keeping innovation at its core, Rhino Mabati Factory Limited has successfully carved a distinct space in the Kenyan market within a very short span of time. With scientifically developed custom made roofing Mabati and Free Countrywide delivery that created new benchmarks in quality and enhance customer saving on almost 25% on offcuts . Rhino Mabati Factory Limited has a wide spectrum of roofing products and variants that are today the pillars of product innovation that has revolutionized Kenyan roofing landscape .

Why choose Rhino Mabati

The proprietary ‘Double Layered Granular Coating’ of roofing sheets gives them various grain and wrinkle effects. These sheets have an excellent scratch resistant property and are highly flexible yet strong, ensuring not just a classy look but also ease of installation.

A special chemical coating on Rhino Mabati Factory Ltd roofing sheets ensures that water droplets are not retained on the roofing sheet. No trace of water means absolutely no chances of corrosion and excellent durability even in the heaviest rains and adverse of climates.

Self cleaning property is another innovative technological feature of Rhino Mabati Factory LTD Jamii roofing sheets BRAND that keeps away dust and other pollutants from its surface. This unique feature makes our roofing sheets easily cleanable and stays sparkling new for a very long period.

Our roofing sheets have a cross linked molecular composition that provides an excellent finish colour coating that is fade resistant. The composition improves flexibility and compactness of the coating thus resisting cracks and flaking due to prolonged outdoor use.

Rhino Mabati Factory Ltd Jamii products roofing sheet’s special Cool Chemical coating over its Alu-Zinc layer completely reflects sunlight.